About NCAChurch


We’re glad you’re here…

Although there’s a lot that happens at Naremburn Cammeray Anglican Church (NCAChurch), we try to tie everything we do back to our vision as a church:

By God’s grace, we seek to see lives saved through knowing Christ

The kind of life-changes we long to see are in some ways very simple.  We want people who don’t yet know Jesus to hear the good news about his death and resurrection, and to come to salvation by turning back to God and trusting in Christ.

If you already trust Christ, we want you to be constantly reminded of the good news about his death and resurrection, so you grow to maturity in him and bear fruit in every good work.

This page won’t tell you everything we’re doing.  But hopefully it will give you some idea about the people we want to be and the things we’re trying to do. It will be an added blessing if it leads you to join us on this path.

In fellowship,

Rev. Nathan Walter (Wal)

Senior Minister, NCAChurch

NCAChurch Pillars

Four foundational truths that drive our vision

1. Pray God's Will

We believe God is sovereign, and in Christ he has invited us to pray to him as our Father.  He promises to listen to us, and he acts when we pray. We believe no amount of know-how, training, past experience or expertise can ever substitute for prayer.

Therefore, under God, we desire to create a culture of prayerfulness – public prayer, regular routine prayer, liturgical prayer, spontaneuos prayer.  We want prayer to be a growing feature of our fellowship and the pinnacle of our ministry.  We want to encourage a culture where prayer continues to be a treasured feature of all our meetings and ministries.

2. Grow in God's Word

We believe God reveals himself through his word. As the Bible is read and taught the living God speaks to us.  God’s Word has final authority, is sufficient to accomplish God’s purposes, and never misleads us.  It is all we need for life and godliness.  It makes us wise for salvation through trusting in Christ.  It grows us to maturity by correcting, teaching, rebuking and training in righteousness. We believe Scripture is clear and can be understood by all.

Therefore, under God, we gather around the Bible on Sundays in our public meetings to have the word of God preached and declared with authority. We also gather around the Word of God in our Bible Study groups to study and discuss it as another means of having the word dwell richly among us.

3. Love God's People

We believe the Bible clearly teaches God is love and love comes from God; his love is perfectly displayed at the cross of Christ; and God’s people are called to love one another in the same way he has loved us (1 John 4:7-10, 19-21).  Through trusting in Christ, we are now members of one family – brothers and sisters. Our love for each other demonstrates this bond.

The New Testament’s “one another” commands reflect this. Some of them are ways we will speak; others are ways we will treat one another. In other words, our love for one another is in both word and deed.

As well as family, the New Testament teaches that church is made up of many parts, which all need to play their part for the sake of the body. We strive to build a culture of service, training and equipping all our members to be partners in the work of the gospel.

4. Reach God's World

Jesus’ mission was to seek and save the lost, to call sinners to turn back to God and trust in him, so they may have their sins forgiven and receive the gift of eternal life. As Jesus’ followers, we believe we’re to have the same mission.

Therefore, under God, we want all of our ministries to be an opportunity for people to hear the gospel and be reconciled to God. We also strive to support each other in personally sharing the gospel with all people. But we want to do this with love and care, serving people in word and deed as a concrete expression of love, calling them with urgency but also gentleness and respect, to respond to the good news of salvation.

We will also go beyond our own context to partner in the work of the gospel in the world through our mission partnerships, and we pray people in every place will turn to God and call on Christ for salvation.


Coming together to be changed by God’s Word

Although our five Sunday services have different styles and are made up of people from all stages and walks of life, they all have the same basic goal: we gather to hear and respond to God’s Word about his Son, Jesus Christ.

We do this in all sort of ways: by singing & praying, by reading the Bible & hearing it taught; and by our personal conversations with one another. 

We want our Sunday services to richly nurture God’s people, while also being very accesible to family, friends & the local community.

A typical Sunday service runs for about an hour, with singing, family spots (Cammeray 9 & Narmburn 10), Bible reading, sermon and prayer.  This is followed by an informal time of fellowship.

Children’s and Youth Ministry

Jesus said: “Let the little children come to be, and do not hinder them. For the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

Children and youth are a vital part of our communty and we long to see them grow up in the knowledge of Christ.


As part of our two morning services (Cammeray 9am and Naremburn 10am) there are term-time programmes for children from creche through to year 5.  At both services, children begin in church with their families.


Our Youth programme has two streams: Basecamp (Years 6-8), and Senior High, (Years 9-12).  It runs on Friday Nights and Sundays during school term times. There are also two youth camps run every year, one in the summer and one in the winter school holidays which all are encouraged to attend.

Find out more about NCAYouth here.

Bible Study Groups

Grow in God’s Word

We encourage all members of NCAChurch to join a Bible Study Group.  There are options for all ages and stages, at different times of the day.

A volunteer run creche is available at the Naremburn PMC on Tuesday and Thursday morning for those with younger kids.

If you’re new to NCAChurch, speak to one of our minstry team to find a group best suited to your situation.

Mission in the World

Compelled by Christ’s love to reach God’s world

Telling the good news about Jesus is one of our great priorities, privileges and responsibilities.

Local Mission

In the first place, this means sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in the part of Sydney God has placed us.  One way we do this is through our commitment to teaching Scripture at three local public schools.

We also run regular Christianity Explored courses for those wanting to investigate or reconnect with the Christian faith.

Global Mission

We also want to keep an eye on God’s world.  After all, his plan is to gather people who will trust in Jesus Christ from every nation, tribe and toungue.  A vital way we do this is by partnering with Christians who teach people about Jesus in other parts of the world. We currently support four overseas mission partners in Japan and Central Asia.

India Short Term Mission Trips

As well as supporting overseas missionaries, every two years NCAChurch sends a team to India to help train and equip pastors and teacherss from Northern India in reading and teaching the Bible.We do this in partnership with the India Gospel League.

Serving and Giving

Loving God’s people

When God calls us to trust in Christ, all our priorities for how to use what God has given us change completely, as a reflection of Christ’s good rule over us.

Therefore, we look to every member of NCAChurch to be involved in serving and giving.  If you don’t yet trust Christ, this isn’t for you yet. But we hope it gives you an idea of what being a member of NCAChurch looks like


The church is a body.  Every part is to work together.  We’re not to look to our own interests, but rather learn to serve others for their good and to the glory of Christ.

For all of us, this means always learning to take up new attitudes and habits with respect to others, especially as we gather together. For many of us, as we have capacity and opportunity, it will mean taking up formal opportunities to serve in the life of our church.


The ministries of NCAChurch are entirely provided for by the financial support of its members.  This, too, is part of our response to God’s goodness to us in Christ. God calls us to give regularly, generously, sacrificially, willingly and each according to our ability.

Test The best way for members of NCAChurch to support the work of the gospel is electronically.  You can download the Giving Guide for instructions on how to set this up.

NCAChurch Staff Team

Meet our ministry team

Nathan Walter

Nathan Walter

Senior Minister

Oversees NCAChurch.  Pastoral responsibility for Naremburn 8am and Naremburn 10am

Deb Earnshaw

Deb Earnshaw

Assistant Minister

Responsible for Women’s Ministry across NCAChurch, and Children’s Ministry at Cammeray

Adrian Foxcroft

Adrian Foxcroft

Youth Minister

Responsible for Youth Ministry across NCAChurch, and pastoral responsibility of Naremburn 6pm.

Scott Millar

Scott Millar

Assistant Minister

Pastoral responsibility for Cammeray 9am and Naremburn 6pm

Grahame Smith

Grahame Smith

Assistant Minister

Next Phase ministry and pastoral responsibility for SJEC

Ministry Training

NCAChurch seeks to raise up and train new gospel workers through the Ministry Trainging Strategy and through partnership with Moore Theological College.

Renee Smith

MTS Apprentice

Training for gospel ministry. Involved with Women’s Ministry, Kid’s Ministry, Youth & SRE.

Winnie Chan

Student Minister

Training for gospel ministry. Currently in 2nd year at Moore Theological College.

Jie Yeo

Student Minister

Training for gospel ministry. Currently in 2nd year at Moore Theological College.

There’s always more that could be said! But we hope this gives you some idea about what we’re on about as a church.

Whether you’re someone who is exploring Christianity and trying to learn more about Jesus, or you’re already a Christian and looking to grow into maturity, and help others do the same, we’d love to help you work out what it could look like to join us and make NCAChurch your home.

May God bless you through the Lord Jesus Christ.